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According to witnesses, he was pulled screaming from his seat by security and back to the terminal at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

(The Washington Post) The airplane had an “overbook situation.” The crew needed “volunteers.” One passenger “refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily.” So he was “re-accommodated.” It’s hard to imagine things could have gone worse aboard United Express Flight 3411 on Sunday, when security officers dragged a man off a plane in Chicago when he wouldn’t give up his seat for airline employees.

But United seemed to invite ridicule with a pair of awkwardly worded responses to the incident.

After video of the man being violently pulled out of his seat went viral Monday, United responded with a brief statement: Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked.

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From here, you can access information, training and news about service agreements with these departments.

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Although not a statutory requirement, it would be good practice to allow the employee to be accompanied at a meeting by a work colleague or trade union representative.

The law requires the process to be completed within three months of the request being received, this includes any appeals.

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To make a request for flexible working employees must: Once a request has been received the employee should arrange a meeting to discuss the request, this should be done as soon as possible, this is not a statutory requirement but is good practice.

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