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Sometimes the saints pursue us, and it seems that the ones who choose to intercede for us are fairly unknown. Dymphna is one such saint who mysteriously — and miraculously — appeared in my mother’s life when she was a child and then reemerged last year on a pilgrimage to Ireland. Dymphna is one of the lesser-known Irish saints, a fairly quiet figure of the distant past.She is also the patroness of people with mental illnesses, which is a consolation to my mother because of many family members who silently suffer from various psychological diagnoses.Out of the overflow of his self-love, the triune God is able to love us.This truth first stabbed my heart when I was reading Cardinal John Henry Newman: “God was all-complete, all-blessed in Himself, but it was His will to create a world for His glory…We are all created to His glory.” It was fanned into a flame when my favorite poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, answered the question, .However, the description "Catholic" is also used by other denominations such as the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Oriental Orthodox Church, the Assyrian Church of the East.It also occurs in some Protestant denominations, notably Anglicanism, as well as Independent Catholicism.

Directly from the Greek, or via Late Latin catholicus, the term catholic entered many other languages, becoming the base for the creation of various theological terms such as catholicism and catholicity (Late Latin catholicismus, catholicitas).Lorraine did not form a geographical unit, like two great neighbouring kingdoms, complete in themselves and by their natural formation.Its boundaries were uncertain for though the Meuse was on the west, the Rhine on the east, and the sea on the north, yet to the south it was completely exposed.The use of the terms "catholicism" and "catholicity" is closely related to the use of Catholic Church.The earliest evidence of the use of that term is the Letter to the Smyrnaeans that Ignatius of Antioch wrote in about 108 to Christians in Smyrna.

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  1. He’s in China for a couple of years and he basically turned into an agnostic and came within spitting distance of becoming an atheist, which really shook me up. “There is no scientific evidence whatsoever of any miracles ever actually occurring.” And I’m like, “Uh…let me ask my sales manager and get back to you.” I hate it when people ask ‘elephant in the room’ questions.