Google reader not updating rss feed

After you add an RSS Feed, you do not have to change any other settings.

However, Microsoft Outlook 2010 offers several customization options, including how frequently you get updated RSS items, where RSS items are saved, and whether or not to download attachments.

If you happen to click an RSS or Atom feed inside the latest version of Google Chrome, the browser won’t display the actual content of the XML file but will instead offer you to open the feed in either Google Reader or one of the Chrome apps.

RSS Feed publishers can specify the maximum frequency at which a check for new postings should occur. For example, an RSS Feed might have a maximum polling frequency of 60 minutes — this means don't check for updates more than once per hour.Personal Firewalls tracks Feedreader application file size.If new version's filesize has changed (and it changes in most cases) then Firewall will disable Feedreader's internet access.Hello, we’d like to address this issue with couple ways to do when one of your feeds is not updating.There are more scenarios, usually when the feeds it not updating, there might have been a change on the side of the website,blog,news site you follow.

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