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He thanks the Protagonist for helping him remember what was truly important to him and gives him the Coffee Mug, allowing him to fuse Kohryu.

When the lead does not pan out, he decides to let it go.

For me the high point of the film came about 30 minutes in, when she awakes, naked and chained in the basement, to find herself being raped, man that got me hard from the moment of the fade in, seeing her wrists chained and knowing from how she was moving that she was being raped.

I loved the shots looking down at her from the rapists point of view, giving the viewer a chance to participate.

They explore the mysterious world inside the TV and perform rescue missions in order to save its victims from death.

Only by looking past what is on the screen, finding and evaluating the truth among a myriad of lies can they hope to find the serial killer and save their town.

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I watched ISOYG2 last night also and could not agree with The Monk more.

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