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The resulting crucible has superior high- temperature strength, high resistance to consumption, and prolonged life. O/6 TITLE-TERMS: CARBON FIBRE REINFORCED CARBON CRUCIBLE PULL SILICON SINGLE CRYSTAL INNER PORTION FORMING CARBON FIBRE CLOTH LAYER CARBON FIBRE LAYER FELT DERWENT- CLASS: E3 6 L03 Ull CPI-CODES: E31-N04D; E31-P06A; L02-H04A; L02-J02C; L04-A01; L04-B01; L04-D09; EPI-CODES: Ull-BOl; CHEMICAL-CODES: Chemical Indexing M3 *01* Fragmentation Code B114 C810 M411 M720 M903 M904 M910 N104 Q454 R032 Specfic Compounds 01666P Registry Numbers 1666P Chemical Indexing M3 *02* Fragmentation Code C106 C810 M411 M424 M740 M781 M903 M904 Nl Ol N104 Specfic Compounds 05086U UNLINKED-DERWENT-REGISTRY-NUMBERS : 1666P SECONDARY-ACC-NO : CPI Secondary Accession Numbers: C1997-174021 Non-CPI Secondary Accession Numbers: N1997 -454576 Printed by HPS Server for EAST Userl D: JAftergut_Job_1_of_2 Printer: cp3_6c23_gbgqptr Date: 03/05/03 Time: i llnvalid Patent Format Specification.

[ 1 ■ 1 ^ All or part of the pages for the 1 following may not have printed: 1 i i f\ CLIPPEDIMAGE= JP411255586A PAT-NO: JP411255586A DOCUMENT- IDENTIFIER: JP 11255586 A TITLE: CARBON-FIBER REINFORCED CARBONACEOUS r4ATERIAL CRUCIBLE FOR PULLING SINGLE CRYSTAL AND ITS PRODUCTION PUBN-DATE: September 21, 1999 INVENTOR- INFORMATION : NAME COUNTRY JO, TAKESHI N/A MURAKAMI, HIDETOSHI N/A AS S I GNEE - I NFORMAT I ON : NAME COUNTRY SUMITOMO METAL IND LTD N/A APPL-NO: JP10061374 APPL-DATE: March 12, 1998 INT-CL (IPC): C30B015/l O; C04B035/52 ABSTRACT : PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lightweight, high-strength, readily manuf acturable and long-lived carbonaceous material crucible for pulling a single crystal.

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T he outer portion ~~ ""^ of the crucible is formed of a c arbon fibre-reinforced carbon ma terial by J:he ~ ' filament winding method ADVANTAGE - The inner portion of the crucible is liable to accelerate consumption due to a chemical reaction.The use of the carbon fibr e cloth layered product or the carbon fibre felt layered product has entan qled_f,i Eres^l ^ The result enhances re s i s_ t an c e . The outer portion of the ' crucible requires high strength and has less liable to consumption due to the chemical reaction.The use of the carbon fibre-reinforced carbon material has superior strength."Pour It Up" is a song by Barbadian recording artist Rihanna from her seventh studio album, Unapologetic (2012).It was serviced to urban radio stations in the United States on January 8, 2013, as the second US single, and third overall single from the album.

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