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Marie and her friend Louna (newcomer Lola Le Lann), Antoine’s daughter, don’t really want to be there, as there’s no Internet or cell-phone coverage except over the family tomb, hidden in a nook in the garden (yes, this is just as lame a joke as it sounds).Read more Summer's 23 Most Intriguing Indie Films To make matters worse, the girls’ fathers don’t have much else to do but set rules for their kids and keep on checking their every move, especially when they find some male friends their own age to hang out with.But their good intentions eventually strangle the children emotionally, making it virtually impossible for them to break the ties and grow up. He's deeply troubled and prone to sudden temper outbursts.He has a difficult relationship with his father, but he refuses to leave home.Shivers (Jack Black), tells Zach to stay away from them.That night, he watches a video of him and his dad playing baseball, Zach's dad died last year.

Laurent (Cassel) and his 18-year-old daughter, Marie (Alice Isaaz), are spending the summer with Laurent’s best bud, Antoine (Cluzet), in the latter’s dilapidated if extremely spacious childhood home, picturesquely hidden in the pine forests of Corsica.Another son, Tom, drops out of college just short of graduation and moves back home.Their youngest son Ask is idealistic and has developed a list of rules for living.With ample (too) young female flesh on display and plentiful bromance moments between the adult male leads — read: complainting about the older women they’ve divorced/are separating from and eyeing up the bikini bottom-clad behinds of younger girls — this sun-dappled dramedy clearly is geared toward early middle-aged males, despite the fact that the screenplay was co-written by Lisa Azuelos (who wrote and directed both the spunky original as well as the ill-fated remake that starred Miley Cyrus and a much older Demi Moore).Seeing how the Berri film is a well-known property in France and this is the first onscreen pairing of two of the country’s biggest stars, at least initial business should be decent for this June 24 release.

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