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I have Source Mod set up for a listen server on my copy of TF2. However, I updated to the latest version of TF2 and now when I start a server, it crashes before the map loads.

This happens regardless of whether I'm setting up a LAN game or a bot match.

Founded in 2005, Golden Eye Source is a Half-Life 2 mod and international hobbyist project that aims to reimagine Rare and Nintendo's 1997 FPS Golden Eye 007 on modern hardware.

Composed by Tweaklab, both maps have new soundtracks—Citadel's can be found over here, while you can check out Temple's below.

Update 5.1 also targets the way weapons "feel and act" in-game, thus a number of new sound effects have been applied to pistols, rifles, mines, shotguns, rockets and more—whereby distant pickup, ammo and reload sounds have been added to their existing sound catalogues.

It is recommended you create a separate user to install and run game servers.

It is also recommended you use the non-beta version of the Steam client, otherwise, it won't be able to locate Steam libraries.

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